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Early this morning I had my second session with the FatController since coming back from the rather long injury break. I’d requested 30 minute sessions to easy back into it – because you may recall my abject terror of re-injury.

Last week was challenging. I’d asked for gentle, but as this lovely person noted on twitter, “PTs don’t know the meaning of the word :(“. Thankfully the session was nowhere near as intense as my dragging-a-tyre-down-the-street peak, I so guess that counts for gentle to the FC. There was a run around the block to warm up, then jumping and boxing and skipping (ugh) and a bit of lifting. All good. I had aching quads for days – but good aching quads.

Really, it is totally amazing and somewhat terrifying how quickly you can lose your level of fitness. I can do nothing approaching what I could several months ago.

This morning the FC had me jump on the stationary bike to warm up. After he upped the resistance, I felt a twinge in my upper right thigh, but worked through it.

Already you can see where this is going …

We progressed through some squats (more twinges when squats were held for a long time) and push-ups and leg lifts (no twinges) and carrying the Giant punching bag up and down the two flights of stairs (twinges when I lifted the bag). The FC thought adductors and had me stretch it out – which helped a little. But then more twinges when I lifted the bag for the last set. We finished off with a little boxing, yay! no pain there.

Now though – even sitting around I’m experiencing quite a bit of the not good type of pain at the top of my right leg, and some pain roughly around the site of my previous abdominal strain.


I’ll see how the pain goes over the weekend and may need to touch base with RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio, but honestly, I think it is definitely over between the FatController and I.

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