freedom to speak out, a root of democracy

To move onto more pleasant things … during the week I was utterly ruthless and made a Giant Stack of no longer required tech for the council’s e-waste collection.

Long time readers will know that this a quite radical step for me, as I am wont to hold on to these things for way too long (and make collections from the cast-off ancient tech of others).

I’m really rather pleased with myself. And really, the less useless junk lying about doing nothing, the better. In this vein, we’ve sold the love tent on gumtree (a mere 2 years, 8 months after we had originally intended) and donated our two cast-off vertical blinds to the bower. And now we’re picking through an ancient stamp collection, before donating a large package to sydney youth stamp group.

too many stamps

Unfortunately when Don attempted to drop off the tech and empty paint tins at the chemical and e-waste collection this morning, he sat in a very, very long queue of cars for 30 minutes without moving before he abandoned the mission and headed back home so he could quickly make his way to golf.

Annoying, but it is So Cool that everyone in our area is keen to do the right thing and not just toss everything in the bin. So satisfying to live in DFH land.

And clearly TheUniverse was trying to tell us something, because although I checked 3/4 of the CD drives for content before dismantling, as part of our wider decluttering programme, Bessie realised there was a CD inside the only laptop I did not check.

Now we have a stack of stuff sitting in the garage waiting for the next collection day which I must resist pillaging.

4 thoughts on “freedom to speak out, a root of democracy

    • I generally think I’m pretty good about tossing unnecessary items, but It’s just amazing how much one can accumulate without even trying.

      I think we need to institute a one in one out rule!

    • Yes, it is! Do you want it back? Bessie and I saved it from the St Vinnies pile ages ago for potential crafting purposes, but have decided that it is probably not going to happen.

      Bessie said last evening, “I can’t believe Joan had a stamp collection, still I suppose in those times there was not a lot to do”.

      She then proceeded to sort through them for about 3 hours.

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