later, i will do the ironing

dragging out the Melbourne pix: I had never heard of trugo before

At home today while painters put the finishing touches on our ceilings from the BigBadStorm. One of them, unsolitcitedly, was ever-so-slightly sneery about our own painting efforts, but hey, screw you man. For the many thousands of dollars we saved in not paying professionals, we’re delighted with the results – which are around 80,000,060 times better than the poopy-vomity-mustard efforts of the previous owners.

Anyway, while they’re here, I’m choosing Admin. Part of this admin was grabbing the old laptops and digging out the hard-drives before we drop them (laptops) off to the chemical and e-waste collection. Let’s just say that sneery painter was volubly dazzled by my wizardry. I am more dazzled by my newly found ability to part with obsolete electronics.

I’m also sort 11 months old medicare claims and chasing down various receipts for other things.

Rock and Roll.

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