week of interest and wine

So after I learned that TheProfessor’s job pays roughly 50% moar pre-tax than my current role (and I’m very happy with my salary), after much, much, much angst, I reassessed my position.

And after discussing it with MrT, who was amazingly supportive, I approached Hecate (first assessing through my sources that it would not be dismissed out of hand) for an informal chat about it. This caused a not inconsiderable amount of nerves.

I think I surprised Hecate (who was my manager when I was much less grown-up) with my insights about what the department and the team (certain Drs in particular) needed to really perform, my development areas and how I would address them and my mad manageressing skills in general.

We had a pretty satisfying discussion, but then she suggested that I maybe consider Ajax’s former role as a development opportunity and I was all ZOMGWFTBBQ (as were those who I told of this later): managing a large team of rusted-on peeps who just basically turn up every day to perform the same tasks and have absolutely no interest in being developed. This, when I was particularly passionate about how the thing I loved about being a manageress was helping people achieve. She also tried to sell the role to me by saying that it was pretty-slow paced and there was lots of time to think – ummmm, no, if you know me at all I am totally about the high-energy and fast-paced and stress – a total adrenalin junkie.

So, brush off?

MrT tells me that I should hold fire, that Dr12 thinks extremely highly of me and that there might be changes afoot.

Meanwhile, Joan is updating the CV.

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