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When TheUniverse gives you signs, you ignore them at your peril.

Not only did I encounter another kitty vomit on the ground floor, but traffic was ghastly, Donaldo was grumpy and then MrT advised me that NotHeather had lodged a complaint with HR about me (and him).

Wait. Wut?

As I was running about on Friday afternoon, NotHeather bailed me up and commenced haranguing me about a change she insisted on making to an agreed process. I expressed my very valid reservations, but she was her usual strident, bullying and ultra-bossy self. I’d really had enough after a while and said firmly and loudly, “well NotHeather, because you clearly know everything, you [insert swear word] do it yourself … ” and flounced off. That was absolutely the extent of it – indeed, there are witnesses.

Shortly thereafter I went to MrT and RHH (NH’s manager) and advised what had occurred and expressed my regret for the flouncing (flouncing is not the action of a Manageress). They were not too bothered because they know NotHeather’s ways and we all are equally exasperated by them.

Apparently NotHeather approached MrT yesterday and said she now refused to be in meetings with me (wut?), MrT told her to not be ridiculous and that he would call a meeting so we could resolve whatever it was. In the interim both NH and I attended a regular meeting where everyone was polite and professional.

Cue today and NotHeather did not attend work, instead she lodged her very formal complaint against both of us. The first I heard of it was when I turned up for MrT’s meeting. Me for … the flouncing (I guess), him for the … I don’t know what, trying to resolve it?

She’s clearly chosen the nuclear option. This is insanely vexatious – absolutely unwarranted and she has obviously lost her mind. She has been talking of wanting a (very generous) redundancy for ages – so maybe it is part of a wider strategy for that or, as Joan suggests, a workers compensation claim.

But WT(A)F???

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    • Hello!!

      Yes, pretty ghastly all round. I’ve heard rumours of workplaces which are not completely dysfunctional, but I’ve yet to be employed in one. This is definitely the worst.

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