What a wretched week, causing loads of gloom. I’ve not been exercising, we’ve arrived home in the dark and eaten leftovers from the freezer, I can’t be bothered with hauswerk or writing lists of ActionItems, I’m drinking too much wine and I’m getting recurring Giant, Hideous cold-sores on my bottom lip. Oh and I spent last night quietly sobbing in bed while Don was asleep.

This is Really Not Good.

I really, really didn’t want to, but I forced myself to the gym this morning and thought I might shake things up by giving the running portion of this treadmill workout a bash.

Once started I had to modify it a bit – I am appalled at how much my fitness level has declined in the past couple of months since the knee injury. And I’ve put on five kg – FIVE!!

Let’s not even talk about my failed attempt at the pull-up machine! Argh!

I’m walking roughly 4km a day, but that is clearly not enough to make a difference. I really need to make regular exercise my absolute priority because it is the Big Thing that will make this horribleness go away.

Also, I need to force myself to do Nice Things for myself, or indeed Things in general, because that will help too.

Stupid brain.

4 thoughts on “inertia

  1. Sorry life is so gloomy. I think we should all have a list of Nice Things at hand to refer to when doing anything at all seems too much of a challenge. (The Nicest Thing Of All that I ever did for myself was stopping drinking which has made me much less anxious.)

    • You are completely and utterly right about the drinking, I’m back on the sobriety train from tomorrow.

      Wine is so very delicious, but I like it rather too much.

  2. My friend, as someone who has followed some of your ups and downs during our imaginary (and real) friendship, I second every word ganching says. Also, I know running is your thing (and it did wonders for your mental health) but maybe think about doing some things at the gym which will strengthen the muscles around your knees and ankles that will aid your recovery into running? I am currently consulting a podiatrist who has made sense of the chronic foot pain I have had for more than 4 years! I am shocked at how simple the diagnosis was and appalled at how badly I have looked after myself. Here’s to improved mental and physical health all round.

    • You echo the sentiments of my physio re the strength training. She gave me some exercises which I’m doing halfheartedly, but I definitely need to ramp that up! Perhaps I will investigate seeing a personal trainer for a wee while (paid for with all of those wine savings!) to kick-start things.

      Thanks, as ever, for the most excellent support!

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