coconut-infused pillow

As I promised myself on Saturday, I’ve been trying to do some Things and Nice Things.

Nice Things included buying new hideously expensive pillows for the bed. I think our existing ones were around 7 years old and not very high quality. Goose-down for Don and memory foam for me . I surprised myself with that choice (and it is really coconut infused, though I was not aware of this when I made my purchasing decision), but it was super-comfortable when testing and so far I have no regrets. I also bought a soothing vanilla candle and watched another season of silent witness (only 730 seasons to go).

Thing Things involved watering and weeding the garden, top-up grocery shopping, making complicated soup (x2), chicken stock and ironing. And more gym.

And on the advice of a very wise imaginary internet friend, I’ve stopped the wine (and other alcohol) for the foreseeable future.

Back to the infusions and hot chocolate (and weight loss).

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