On Saturday evening Don and I attended the 60th birthday celebrations of TheProfessor. There were several SMLsters in attendance, including the previously unmentioned DrNotQuitetDon and his wife.

DrNotQuiteDon is almost the identical twin of my lovely husband. DNQD has the same look, the same mannerisms, the same earnestness and the same nerdly work interests. Though of course my husband is infinitely more adorably, wonderfully gorgeous.

I’d not met DrNotQuiteDon’s wife before and was somewhat nonplussed to find that she was rocking almost precisely the same look as me – but a good deal more polished (though my earrings were mighty superior).

Don and I agreed it was like living the Bizarro Jerry episode of Seinfeld – where we were definitely the B Team (what with his Dr-ness and her extremely high-powered career).

It was quite a civilised evening, food and company were excellent (despite being seated next to MrT) and a lovely time was had by all and I was so grown-up that my evening’s alcohol consumption consisted of a single glass of wine.


And in portentious happenings, about 8 years ago Bessie drew a perfectly gorgeous kitty & I made a magnet from it. The magnet has travelled with us all over the place and now lives on the dryer.

It was only last week while sorting laundry that I noticed a little similarity in colouring to Kitty(Not her Real name):


So much for my claims that I would never, ever own a torti katze.

And now I am contemplating another.

A short-haired almost twin for beloved Kitty(Not her Real name), but who will apparently sit still for photographs and loves cuddles (K(NhRn) is the antithesis of cuddlesome and is reluctant to be photographed).

potential kitty

Kitty (Not her Real name)

Hmmmm … perhaps I should alert D&MNQD and NQK(NhRN) could join Team Achiever.

Moar kitties for everyone!

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