I was delirious with happiness yesterday afternoon when I heard that TheProfessor had resigned. O! frabjous day!

Sadly today I heard that Dr12 will be attempting to persuade him to stay.

Sure, we should totally keep the person who has been the most divisive figure in the history of the organisation, who has made by far the biggest fuck-ups in the history of the organisation, who was solely responsible for us not meeting a major target by milions of dollars, who has still not delivered what he was employed to do – 8.5 years later.

Yes, yes – why am I still there?


In much more pleasant news … Garden update – mid-February:

The wild successes this year have been the spinach, lettuce and rocket – so very much superior than from the store!
We’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the spring onions/shallots/green onions. And of course the rosemary, basil, parsley and mint have been stayers.

Not so good: tomato and dill. Will not waste the effort with those again next season.

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