i told you so

It was fortunate that I only had a 15km long run planned today because I woke up with SML-stress-induced lower back pain (more on that later). I managed to temporarily push the pain away with liberal applications of dencorub, so could get out there and enjoy the morning. Though I did spend a good deal of that time brooding.

I managed the 15km, but had clearly drunk a little too much water en route, because my poor tummy was protesting from around the 9km mark until I finished. URK.

Once I settled down at ThePalace(OfLove), the back-pain returned with a vengeance.

Stupid work.

There are a whole lot of catastrophic fuck-ups going down, courtesy of TheProfessor and his merry band of incompetents, fuck-ups which I have been warning about for a year. And the fuck-ups keep being compounded and compounded in recent weeks – massive errors which could easily be avoided. Which I have also warned about in some detail. Honestly, if the upshot is that I am asked to correct yet another of TheProfessor’s countless mistakes … ARGH!

Until the back ache hit, I really had no idea how much this was upsetting me, but it is. Hopefully there will be A Reckoning.

Precisely why am I still there, you ask? 10 months until Long Service Leave!


Anyway, as a diversion, I exported all of my garmin connect data to a spreadsheet and was surprised to see how distance had panned out over the months.

You can definitely spot where I got the flu, hurt my foot and broke my nose! But I was really surprised to see that peak in May. On reflection, I was running almost every day and way too much, too soon. Much better to be doing this more sensibly with two rest days scheduled and only one long run on the weekend!

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