kicking to the kerb

On of the anxieties mentioned in my second-to-last post was Vern-Percy, master-dickhead, and his continuing under-performance.

Once again I had to man-up and have a performance management discussion with him.

I must admit that this is one of my development areas as I am really conflict avoidant and leave these things for way too long before doing something about them in the futile hope that things will correct themselves – which of course they never do.

Anyway, earlier this week I sat him down and said exactly the same things I said almost a year ago – too much internet, too much newspaper, bad attitude, constant bitching to all and sundry about senior management, not keeping me informed, too many errors, poor quality of work, not team player etc. I really made a huge thing about having his work reviewed before sending out (not particular to him, but essential for all of us). I said the “we do not feel as though we are currently getting value from you, how can we change that?” And he gave me the same response he did last year – he felt there was no path or growth for him, he needed training and development. I am a year wiser, so I pressed him for details (I have been requesting training / development ideas for weeks from him) – which of course he could not provide, every utterance was simply meaningless drivel designed to appease me / get me off his back.

But at least the talk was done – something to cross off my horrifyingly long to-do list.

And so it was that later that afternoon he: 1. asked me how he could game the internet monitoring and 2. sent a piece of work out unchecked that was riddled with errors.

He really is taking the piss. What a massive tool.

Yesterday was marked by more of the same error-riddled work, “I do not believe I should have my worked checked, I feel it means you do not trust me”. Damn-straight, I don’t.

This and his general unbelievably insolent attitude means that Mr T and I are now planning to go down the formal path. Difficult, but I really doubt we can turn him around. And I would rather be done with it.

I guess this is good for my manageress development.

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