unkind people would call this work avoidance

In my most recent anxiety post, I also mentioned that I have many, many overdue SML projects.

It is difficult to attend to these projects when the Vern-Percy nonsense is pretty much consuming my time and energy and the culture of SML is such that one is constantly interrupted by visits from colleagues, meetings and emails (I am as big offender as anyone with the visits – and the chats).

July has almost gone by with not a great deal done regarding completion and I really, really do not want to get to August with all of these things hanging about. I want a clean slate.

So I’ve decided to devote the weekend to completing six outstanding tasks. When I cross one off my list, I will treat myself to an as-yet-to-be-decided-little-something.

So, as is the way of these things, I am sitting here writing this post instead of tackling the first of the six and have just completed some amazingly interesting hauswerk.

Willpower and determination? Clearly they only apply to sobriety and exercise!

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