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During the school holidays, Bessie and I became a wee bit obsessed with The Great British Bake Off (Season 2).

And so it was that one day while I was out slaving at SML, Bessie got a hankering to cook tarte au citron from episode 2. While she is a super-star baker, she’s had very little pastry making experience and so suffered quite a bit of shrinkage and some small holes while blind-baking the case.

Sadly there was no way that it could be used for the (as yet unmade) filling without massive overflow. Being a fearless sort of baker, she was not deterred and re-purposed the case for Nigel Slater’s treacle tart from the kitchen diaries which I’d long been lusting for.

The pastry was determined to be difficult, but she summoned all of her creativity to serve up:

It was truly, wonderfully divine.

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