messy psyche

I’ve been plagued with headaches for the cast couple of weeks, a wee bit on edge and generally unsettled.

Today was particularly unpleasant and after a little reflection, I realised there were probably a few causes for this:

  • Not regularly eating breakfast
  • Not regularly eating lunch
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Drinking too much coffee
  • Not running or exercising enough
  • Forgetting to take vitamins
  • Stressful Manageressing course
  • Two children with three HSC major works between them – all due Very Soon
  • Vern-Percy, underperforming, insolent dickhead
  • Presenting at the SML staff meeting – first ever time presenting anything, anywhere
  • Many, many overdue SML projects
  • Unfavourably comparing myself to just about everyone
  • Terror of City2Surf
  • Unpleasant atmosphere at SML
  • Stressing about post-school options for Joe/Frank
  • Approximately 17 other things

I’d best address these things before it gets worse.

Stupid mental health.

6 thoughts on “messy psyche

  1. Numbers 1 to 4 and 6 are ones you can easily control, particularly since you are so good at dinners, make a bit extra to carry to work. I always find left overs an easier option than sandwich making. Im not sure if you are reduced your running but you were doing AMAZING things there so maybe just try and fit in a 30 minute run, not worrying about distance? The kid thing? I understand the what next question,but seriously, if you are not having to bail them out down the police station, I count myself a successful parent. The presenting thing? You’ll be fine. Just breathe and good luck.

    • You are right of course and I definitely need some perspective!

      It is amazing how quickly one can go off the rails when not keeping vigilant. Must go back to an action items list to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    • Oh yes, definitely! It is quite surprising how such very little things can have such influence on all the big things.

      In more positive news, I managed to eat both breakfast and lunch and get a 30 min run in today!

      In less positive news, Vern-Percy is still a massive tool and I have to start performance management discussions with him tomorrow (conflict-avoidant me really agonises about such things).

  2. The best tip I was ever given for interviews/presentations is to keep both feet firmly planted on the floor at all times. Sounds unlikely but it is really good at calming nerves and keeping you grounded. Good luck.

    • Oh yes, you are so right!

      A couple of weeks ago (by extreme coincidence – well before I knew I had to present) I came across the dvd from presentation skills training I did in 2007 which I had not watched since. I very much did not keep my feet still at all! So jiggly and wriggly and dancey and with that in my brain, keeping my feet on the floor was utmost in my mind! That and making sure I had run through at least once.

      Thankfully it all seemed to go okay and was pretty well received, despite the DIRE message I had to give.

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