and what’s been happening with you?

So, I was planning to do this quickly in point form (yes, I can hear the laughter already – as if I could be concise about anything!), but quickly gave it up.

So, what has been going on in my world?

The Presentation Skills course, mentioned here was challenging and confronting. We were indeed videoed … twice. Interestingly, I sound much better than I thought I would (I thought I would sound very bogan-esque and nasally, this was not the case at all – phew!), and I look much skinnier than I thought I would (gratifying, because all that gym work is paying off nicely), on the other hand, I cannot seem to stand still – I jig and dance about an awful lot (Nanna types might state that I have ants in my pants) & I gesticulate wildly too, oh, and I cannot look anyone in the eye – so I look at the roof, or out the window, or at a spot just-over-your-shoulder. If you were the trainer, you would say I have “loads of energy”. Not sure whether it will make me a better presenter, but given that I don’t present at all, it is not that much of an issue. It did make me a bit more aware of some things about myself, and I’m all about the personal development.

There were rumours abounding at the employer-formerly-known-as-the-Marie-Celeste, about big changes afoot, and there was apparently a “vibe” that something was going down. I put this down as mere speculation because I felt no “vibe”. I must have been working rather too hard, however, because there was a staff meeting called and we were informed that the CEO had “resigned” (and we all know what those inverted commas mean). So! drama! Woo!

Poor Don had his macbook in the shop for what seemed like forever (stupid apple). After having resigned himself finding a utility to get all the songs from his ipod back onto the macbook (after Apple wanted $1,700(!!) for data recovery or a mere $300 for the dead drive to be returned (!!)), left his ipod on his desk overnight at the new job (EasternSuburbs Power Drinkers Inc) – and, sadly, the ipod was not there when he returned the next day. So, about 15gb of music gone (and a good amount of time to be spent reloading on those bazillions of CDs). BACK UP YOUR DATA, PEOPLE!

I’ve been knitting a duckies scarf for Bess. We took her and Joe/Frank along to the game last weekend and they had a blast. Bess got totally geared up (but lacked the scarf). I’m knitting it in acrylic (Harriet will be having palpitations at that!). And a scarf for Joe/Frank will be next on the agenda.

Bessy, all geared up.

We have a very crazy lady living on the bottom floor. She is very crazy indeed and leaves daily rambling notes on the noticeboard in the foyer. Crazy, rambling notes about how she is being persecuted by a NSW government body and how these people are spineless, “powderpuffs” and “psychoes” (sic), and loads about how they are trying to get her and how she will outwit them – she also photocopies her correspondence with the aforesaid government body and annotates it with crazy comments and puts those on the noticeboard too. It is terrible and worrying and disturbing (and occasionally entertaining).

And finally:

Big hugs and good wishes to my beloved Harriet, who is having a massively shit time of it lately.

Big hugs and good wishes to the lovely Cellobella, who has experienced the most horrible thing that could ever happen to a blogger – her archives have vanished (with the dreaded 404 message in their place) & comments seem to be 404’d too.

4 thoughts on “and what’s been happening with you?

  1. We live round the corner from the crazy man of Freo who has an entire house covered in giant lettering about the corrupt council and state government. It’s all to do with property development and somewhere in there he does have a point. We take all our visitors past his house and they love it. I’ve become convinced it will get heritage-listed. He used to drive around in a car with a coffin on top and a loudspeaker mumbling about the various evils to which he’d been subjected but he doesn’t do it anymore and that is A Great Shame.

  2. I do footy scarves/beanies in acrylic too, much easier to care for!How cute is your Bess, she is still cute as a button!!Thank you for your good wishes, nothing is working here,yet, I think we may very well be homeless soon – I am very frightened. I have seen much media attention on the housing crisis, but not seen anybody suggest that anything will be done about it – so I expect that the streets will soon be full of homeless families – nice! That should bring in the tourists! LLLLLLLLLLLLL (maniacally hysterical laughter ensues)

  3. I think crazy lady could wallpaper the foyer with all of her notes, but that is not near so exciting as if she had painted the exterior! Someone keeps removing them her notes, which is making her Rather Cross. She’s also taken to leaving abusive notes about a couple of neighbours – aparently their crime is that they are Renters (as are we, heaven forbid!). She left a mysterious blank sheet of paper on the noticeboard yesterday morning, obviously a statement about something, but it was replaced by more rambling by the afternoon and a lone star city casino chip on the ground …. hmmmmmmmm.

    Cellobella, I’m glad you are back!

    Harriet, I hope you are not living in a cardboard box / tent. Damn those good wishes for not working, I will wish harder and if there is anything I can do, you must let me know immediately.

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