You’d think at this advanced age I’d be more responsible

At the employer-formerly-known-as-Marie-Celeste, we have taken it upon ourselves to casual it up on Fridays (certainly there is no official casual Friday in the office). I like to mix it up by occasionally wearing fairly full on dresses when everyone is wearing jeans.

So there I was on Friday, all dressed up with only the gym calling me after work, until Don suggested we attend the efkamc’s IT support guru’s farewell drinks. And my goodness, many, many drinks were had by all. And then many more drinks and then at some point, I tripped over (something – a bag? someone’s foot?), fell down onto what could be called an occasional table and took several drinks with me. My arm was bleeding a little (I wasn’t even aware of it) and I was first aided by the mad band-aiding skillz of our office manager. And I thought nothing of it, and danced away and had a very fine time indeed – until I awoke on Saturday (and after removing my head from the bucket), noticed that pretty much my entire arm was purple1.

And it hurt. Rather a lot.

Now my back hurts and my knee hurts and some other places hurt too.

Sort of a low grade owwwww.


1I attempted to photograph it, but being quite dark in the house, the full extent of the purpleness cannot be appreciated. Nonetheless, I am sure that Don, Dfkan or Anonymous Portly Geek can confirm that it is indeed quite, quite purple.

One thought on “You’d think at this advanced age I’d be more responsible

  1. I did spy said bruise and asked about it. Actually asked “Is Don treating you nicely or am I going to have to roll him into a katamari?”Looks nasty and purple. Like Carol had been seized by a giant crab.Porty Geek

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