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This week has brought not a little anxiety on the SML front, in particular the Extreme Stress of a very highly paid, very non-performing employee.

VHPVNPE (henceforth Vern-Percy) was a cast-off from RHH. Vern-Percy was gifted to my team because I “really turned MsCranky around” (utterly hilarious in light of the Bratson experience – what? Now I’m magically so good I get to manage the problem staff?).1

After taking many, many deep breaths I had to man-up and have the performance management conversation – which went astoundingly, amazingly well (though I reserve judgement on the stick-to-it-iveness). But holy!goodness! the manning-up took a good deal of intestinal fortutide – holy!goodness! they’ll make a manager of me yet.

So all bets were off in terms of the abstinence project (I know – totes non-achiever).

Vino for Everyone!


But on the upside, despite the challenges of SML, it is really quite excellent to come home to this:

Even if I bear the scars from her roughhausing (so bitey!).

BabyKitty (not her Real Name) rarely strays from our sides, but get too affectionate and she will Attack! Really, we should have named her BabyJoan.

Am trying to convince Don that we need a companion kitty because we are away for so long each day – so far he remains unmoved.

1Must work on that dramatis personae

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