Earlier in the week I was struck down with a cold (as was the whole management team in my division – we all blame MrT’s apparently germ-ridden office) and, despite working shortish days and having all of yesterday off, I feel quite ghastly still.

The illness and inability to shake it has reinforced that I really need to claw my health back. No more excessive boozing, no more excessive snacking and embracing that wee little thing known as exercise.

And so, in the spirit of no boozing, no snacking, I bought myself some treats:

Just Rose, Relax, Rocking Raspberry, Razzle Dazzle – By!Golly! I adore an infusion!

I may also need to bust out the tweating again because worked fabulously when I invented it (book deal plz) & I am strangely truthful on the InformationSuperHighway.

But tonight I am relaxing with a wine or four. Don is away golfing, Bessie is in situ and we planned for sloth.


Unfortunately earlier this evening we received news that the babies step-mother’s mum just died – she’s been much more of a grandparently presence in their lives than their grandparents (who are either disinterested, disinherited or dead) and there was much sadness.

Such news, as I am sure you are all more than aware, is extremely confronting and very much makes you ponder what the hell you are doing with yourself in the grand scheme of things.


Coincidentally, I attended a “personal effectiveness” training course on Monday morning and it really brought home how much I have subsumed myself and my needs and goals in favour of the all-encompassing thrall of SML.

The course was chock-full of the stuff we all know, but to have it wrapped in a nice package combined with time away from the office really brought home my utter enslavement. And so I came away with goals:

  1. make personal goals
  2. cease procrastinating about personal administrivia
  3. continue postive vibe at SML
  4. make time for me during the work-day: re-energise/renew/revitilise

Just how I will do this will require some planning and action items! Fortunately there is a webinar on Monday to hold me accountable.


Meanwhile, I will leave you with quite the strangest pet accoutrement(s) I have ever come across (from one of my bargainz! emails)

What the hell? Just. No.

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