may it continue

Today was spent teaching Bessie how to cut and drill perspex, gluing aforesaid perpsex (something I do not care to repeat in any sort of near-future) and watching her construct barbed wire.

The artwork is due on Monday, but (utterly astoundingly) was completed today. I think this could very well be a first in this family (except for Don who is a total swot and hands everything in early).

Bessie had done much planning, the idea had evolved a good deal and many mock-ups were constructed so it all came together quite easily in the end.

Had to be a sculpture with the theme of: Real, Not Real, Too Real

Bessie’s journey to straight teeth. The wee vial in front contains the extra teeth1 she had to have removed.

It turned out quite well (the barbed wire is brilliant and the photo at the back is Ace!) and we’re hoping she’ll gift it to us after it is marked.

1She had 3 more than most people – all hidden up in her gum.

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