i promise this won’t turn into the bratson blog

All hail the Long Weekend!

I am so pleased to have a break from the relentless grind of SaltMinesLimited (even though I must do some work today to get some stuff squared away).
If you read comments, you’ll be aware that Bratson, having a new mentor in MrT’s RightHandHarridan, has now busted out, “Carolbaby does not make things clear”, “Everything is so complicated”, “I am scared to ask CarolBaby questions”.

Despite my screenshots and detailed step-by-steps [which he does not read], dumbing work down to a 5 year old level, his constantly bombarding me with questions and my total availability, “Everything is so very hard” (yes copy/paste /search is so very difficult) and “I need my headspace”.

He’s very much ramped up the game-playing and runs to RHH as soon as I leave my desk to grab glass of water with “I don’t know where Carolbaby is”, “I don’t understand what to do”, “Carolbaby has not explained this at all”.

Now I have RHH approaching me with “your relationship has soured”, “Bratson wants a fresh start”. And so we have the endless chats and fresh-starts and the advice (reputation is everything, you have let me and yourself down innumerable times, we have had to pick up your slack way too many times, we need to see some commitment …)

The most horrid thing about this is that Bratson can go about telling these appalling and distressing untruths and, because I am new to the division and not the son of MrT’s pal, I am not getting any sort of benefit of the doubt.

I thank the Universe that HR is totally on my side. And they suggest that RHH, despite being completely in MrT’s pocket, will rapdily become aware of what Bratson is up to.

In the meanwhile, I’ve now handed Bratson off to MrsCranky who is light-years less patient than I and already he is starting the “I’m scared…” bit about her.

Horrible little monster.

It wasn’t personal, but is rapidly becoming so.

Nonetheless, long weekend!!

And cookies!

And more cookies!!


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