Joe/Frank, giant-almost-adult1 he is, has outgrown one of his favourite shirts (though he is slender as all get-out, some medium shirts now sit at navel level).

Big Day Out: 2001

He was rather sad to see it relegated to the St Vinnies stash, so I’m planning to construct a beach-tote from it.

I’m not terribly confident at sewing stretch fabrics without an over-locker (though tutorial gives me a good deal of comfort), so we’ll see how it pans out (at the moment, I’m mostly conceptualising (and avoiding work)).

If it is anything like Don’s jumper, it may be completed around 2021.

Bessie and I realised today that the most spectacular choc-chip cookies we’ve ever made (and by!golly! we’ve been baking cookies together for many, many years) have come from recipes from the side of choc-chip packets.

Admire our m4d cutting sk1llz!

Must scan and post them (though the results from the link above are pretty gosh-darn fabulous)!

If you are like us, you print out your fave recipes and shove them in a binder (and if you do not do this, you should get on board!), you totally need to get on board with this:

pegular genius

Who would have thought a tiny peg and wad of blu-tak could make such an amazing difference to our cooking experience?

But holy!goodness! – serious! positive! impact!

1I know!

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