111 days

I’ve now managed to survive three dinners, two lunches with colleagues/ex-colleagues and two football matches booze-free. Go me!

The last bastion is SML drinks of any sort – one really needs alcohol to deal with enforced socialisation with the majority of my colleagues. Fortunately there have been no drinks that I have not been able to avoid, but I’ll have to face that challenge at some point. Perhaps I can simply point and laugh at the crazy drunkards rather than being one of them?

What I am really finding a little irksome is the lack of non-alcoholic beverages out there in the world. I utterly loathe most soft-drinks and generally sit on plain, fizzy or soda water when out, but that can become a bit meh.

We’ve recently given up convenience for principles and are no longer shopping at Coles (Pyrmont SupaIGA forever!) which unfortunately means no more weekly visits to Norton Street Grocer and no peach / apricot nectar with my soda water.

After unsuccessfully experimenting with raspberry cordial (ridiculously sweet), I’ve found success with tiny bottles of limonata

Really quite tart but definitely feels like you’re having a proper drink – if you know what I mean.

Only 280(ish) days until I complete the experiment, I must say it has been very successful in terms of weightloss, energy, skin tone, mood etc etc etc. Who knew?

2 thoughts on “111 days

  1. I don’t much like fizzy drinks and I find drinking water, other than to quench thirst, a bit depressing. Have you tried ginger cordial? A drink to be sipped. Home made lemonade is also good and not difficult to make.

  2. Ooooh, I have not tried it, but I am intrigued – sipping is precisely what I am after, so must check it out. I’ve been loving this infusion – very gingery and spicy and sip-ery, so will probably be my go-to winter drink.

    You read my mind – I’ve been contemplating vietnamese lemonade recipes for a little while. I’ve also, much to my horror, been seriously considering various fruity mocktails.

    I don’t know how you do it on an ongoing basis – booze is just *everywhere* – and really no thought given to the non-imbibers in terms of deliciousness.

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