crafting for kitties

As a work-avoidance strategy, I went a little nuts for the most excellent my cat from hell recently. One of the take-homes was the importance of active play and exhausting the kitties so that they are less bitey, less fighty, less wee-y.

And one of the toys which kitties seemed to go completely mad for was the go cat cat catcher. We couldn’t resist (pre-austerity measures, of course).

The reviews said it was quick to be destroyed by kitties and gosh they were not wrong – it barely last two weeks. But for the kitties, they were two completely glorious, leap-filled weeks.

So I sat about on the couch making vaguely mouse shaped things with scraps of felt and ribbon:

NewKitty ate the first few tails and then took to thoroughly destroying the vaguely mouse-shaped things:

So I busted out some leather (previously seen here) which (so far) seems a little more indestructible:

Then the wands and wire broke (crazy aggressive kitties), so we used all of our m4d inventive sk1llz and went in search of fishing supplies after Don realised that was primarily what the cat catchers were made from.

We now have enough of everything to make and repair several thousand wands and I continue my experiments in vaguely mouse-shaped things.

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