though a bath would be nice

Getting back into this exercise thing seems to be working a treat – every single bit of my body aches.

It was a relatively uneventful weekend, where not a huge deal was achieved.

I did manage to cook a wee bit and to complete a yoga mat carrier for Don, crafted from bits and pieces from the stash (including some leather I’d long ago snipped from a pair of old sandals).

It took hours and hours and hours (and hours): I sewed a bit, thought a bit, unpicked a bit, thought a bit more, sewed again (repeat).

Joe/Frank modelling the bag

Denim from retired jeans, leather from old sandals, linen straps from an old pair of pants

I was quite pleased with the results. After all that thinking, my (matching, of course!) bag should be a great deal easier to complete!

What promises to be a marvellous beef stew with parsley dumplings is simmering in the oven, afterward I will laze about and reading all the very interesting, articles I have sent to kindley from longform

All is right with the world.

2 thoughts on “though a bath would be nice

  1. Milly! ZOMG!

    You are too kind – email me your address and I will totes make you one (have a giant sack full of discarded denim and tons of leather scraps)

    Am in the process of kicking back with a glass of wine replying to your email

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