The Plan is rocking along nicely.

Well, mostly nicely. I’m afraid I have been less than strict about the wine consumption, but I been a slave to the exercise – religiously walking to and from SML and running / yoga-ing with alarming regularly.

I’ve also tried to be more mindful of my work attire. It would be difficult to count the number of compliments on my outfit I received on Monday because there were so very many. I wore a size 20 katies shirt (sourced from St Vinnies) as a dress with footless tights, chunky necklace and flats.

The compliments also came aplenty on Tuesday when I wore a dusky-pinky baby-doll dress I bought back when I had my hair cut short.

Clearly this just confirms that the look needs updating. Unfortunately when I went searching for new items in DJs on Tuesday at lunch I came up with nought.

The quest (and the exercise) continues.


Being a teen in the 80s1, I avidly collected every edition of Dolly magazine from 1980-1982.

I pored over each issue, I cut out pictures and attached them to my walls and ceiling, I spent a good, long while sketching the fashion photographs. Dolly was (utterly horrifyingly in retrospect) an inspiration.

So it came to be that I was nostalgically browsing through this amazing blog and came across this fashion shoot from 1981 (I totally had that issue).

Regular readers will know that I am dead keen on the local history (if nothing else, you should totes click on those links).

So I was delighted to recognise our immediate surrounds amongst the fashion!

only the crane remains on the foreshore

aforesaid crane in modern tymes

My powers of observation, they are astounding. Truly, the Private Detective industry is all the poorer by my absence.

1and I don’t recall it all that fondly

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