hausy-mausy update

Today was super-productive!

Productive happening 1: Busted open the 3D Mouse Telephone (henceforth known as HW-2032) packaging:

Plugged HW-2032 in. Nothing.

Rebooted. Right button works! But otherwise: nothing!

Installed drivers via complicated process of J/F (only computer in the haus with a floppy drive) sharing his A:\ drive and copying contents across to my PC. Maus works! Unfortunately maus only works horizontally – there is no vertical movement.

Searched InformationSuperHighway for XP drivers. Discover that the maus-phone is still being manufactured! Unfortunately no XP drivers to be found.

Decided to disconnect from computer, plug HW-2032 into phone-line and call Joan. Success!

Sure, I was confined to the kitchen (where the phone line and splitter are located) and the tres-stylin’ call-centresque head-set gave me a subsequent, persistent ear-ache, but I was using a maus-phone!

Unplug. Consider options.

Time was I would have searched and searched for drivers and then would have spent considerable time to discover how to bend the existing drivers to my will (and all manner of insanity – busting out a ye olde PC running an elderly OS). All that I might have a wacky mouse.

Now? Not so much.

I came. I tried. I photographed. I admitted defeat.

Will repackage and drop back in the St Vinnies bin.

Productive happening 2: rocked down to the local coffee purveyor for some compare/contrast photographic opportunities.

I feel ridiculously delighted with my discovery!

Quite marvellous coffee too. If you are in the neighbourhood you should totally do yourself a favour&etc.

Productive happening 3: Walking to our fave purveyor of meat and then up to GPR for veggies – we’re endeavouring to support the locals and are trying to eschew the horrid Broadway (apologies to Harris Farm Markets, whom we adore without measure).

Productive happening 4: snuggling with Albert Campion via my beloved kindly. Go! Obtain one for your own self! You can thank me later.

All in all a quite delightful day.


4 thoughts on “hausy-mausy update

  1. Next time you're in the 'hood, you should totally go – food is really very good.

    In fact there's all sorts of amenity here since your abandoning – the wine bar at the bottleshop finally opened and … errmmm … the council painted a new bike lane … ummm … GP road was dug up yet again.

    Gosh, you'd hardly recognise the place!

  2. Hi. Please tell me you took this telephone mouse to vinnies in glebe? Because I just went there, saw it, loved it, bought it, googled it, and your blog came up. This is the best day ever.

  3. ZOMG! I totally did (that St Vinnies is the source of mucho treasure)!

    Is it not the most peculiarly marvellous thing? I hope you have more success with it than I did!

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