I recently made a huge effort to rid myself all manner of unnecessary/obsolete computer equipment (I know! I couldn’t believe it either – yay! me!)

But I just could not resist the lure of the oddest computer peripheral I have ever seen when I found this at St Vinnies yesterday.

Yes, a mint-in-box (bargain at $6) 3D mouse telephone!

Yes, I said, “wut?” too.

Let me share some of its features:

This product is a combination of a mouse and a telephone that will enable you to use the mouse and the telephone and the same time. The 3D roller will ease your reading by screen-scrolling

  • The screenscrolling function of the roller will ease your operation
  • A soft click on the flat button will enable you to enjoy the operation
  • The streamline shape and the flexible cover make it more attractive
  • You can make or receive calls when you are using the mouse.

I know when I’ve been sitting at my computer, I’ve long wished (as I am sure have you) that I had a had a way to take/make telephone calls at the same time as I’ve been using my mouse. Sure, I could use the cordless phone or my mobile, but where would be the futuristic, high-tech fun in that?

I plan to bust it out of the box later today.


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