back on the adventures-in-gardening train

I’m not sure precisely where on the InformationSuperHighway I came across it1, but I was astonished to learn that if you placed the bottom of a bunch of celery in water it would sprout wee stalks.

I was compelled to try it (because … experiment!)


Allegedly if I plant it in soil it will grow until I can harvest with wild abandon.

Yay! Nature!


1This mystery site definitely wasn’t 17 Apart, but that is a really quite good link.

2 thoughts on “back on the adventures-in-gardening train

  1. OH MY GOD I HAVE THIS ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER, you so copied me without even knowing!

    I came here because I was thinking of you and my terrible abilities at actually communicating – you would not believe the dramas in my life at the moment – I will try and resolve this now whilst my children are playing happily. or killing each other – whatever.

    • Harriet!

      Clearly you have freaky mind-powers! I am also trying the bottoms of shallots – which are growing at an amazing rate.

      I am so sorry to hear of your horrors, will email.

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