lengthy random food post

Just what it says on the tin: random food-related bits and pieces (mostly) from my camera.


Another year, another attempt at logging our meals.

I’ve gone super-minimalist for 2013 here.

We were only last evening regretting that we could not remember the source of a particular chicken dish we’d cooked a couple of times around 4 years ago. If I can maintain the food log, such regrets will be a thing of the past.


You may recall that I have long been on a quest for banana bread/cake.

The most fabulous Prudence mentioned her Great-Grandmother’s banana cake recipe and has posted it here.

Hurrah! Genius with frozen bananas. Everyone is mad for it and claim it is by far the best they’ve tasted.

the banana bread/cake quest is over!

The recipe also makes quite excellent muffins (we’re all about the muffins).


We’ve always talked about not confining roast turkey to Christmas, but have done nothing about it. This year though, with our Giant freezer, we could take advantage of this stellar bargain:

$10 turkey!


Strawberry paletas from this great book – amazingly simple, delicious refreshing. Slightly modified by adding a spoonful of yoghurt to each mould.

strawberry palettas – allegedly rocket shaped

more strawberry paletas

The 6 icy-block mould is really unsatisfactory – difficult to remove individually and the residue stays in the mould until all 6 are eaten. It has since been discarded and replaced with star shapes!


We gave her choice of restaurant or something exotic at home, but all Bessie wanted for her birthday dinner was comfort food.

So enormous pasta bake it was!

Only now I realise we really should have added (17! can you believe it?!?!) candles.

I also realise I need better lighting for indoor photography.


Just before Christmas Don brought home a bottle of wine from work (yay!) which was a bit too fruity for my liking (boo!), so after drinking a glass, I decided to experiment with freezing cooking quantities (1 cup, half cup etc) for later use.

This has worked really very well, with no apparent decrease in flavour – and has the added bonus of not having to buy a bottle when we need half a cup for a recipe and then being compelled to drink the remainder.

It worked so well that I froze the remaining stout from the pie in the previous post. I just need something to experiment with – perhaps more pie!


And lastly, the following TRAVESTY was spotted at Coles Leichhardt on 2 January

Yes, those are Easter buns.

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