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I cannot explain why this has been sitting unposted since 29 December, but now I want pie.


I must say this unseasonally unpleasant weather is a gift to long, slow cooking. We’ve had some pretty fabulous meals, but last evening, I made a steak and kidney pie which was SPECTACULAR!

Back around 1995/6 there was a particularly brilliant steak and kidney pie recipe from the Robin Hood Hotel published in the smh foodie supplement, but alas, my newspaper clipping has been lost in the mists of tyme (and divorce).

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect steak and kidney pie ever since, but have been largely disappointed.

This time I used a recipe from the most excellent Bay Books: Pies – sweet + savoury [ISBN: 9781921259951] (thanks book man! totes excellent investment), but freestyled rather a lot, I added carrot, celery, chilli, thyme, rosemary & way more stout and tomato than required. If I’d not had way too much wine while cooking, I’d post a recipe. Because – wow!

And the pastry? HolyGoodness! If you’ve not made your own puff pastry, you should totally give it a bash – does require a little time, but is super-simple and better than anything you could buy.

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