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Yesterday was the hottest day on record in Sydney. The previous record was set on 14 January 1939 which, admittedly, must have been significantly more unpleasant, given the absence of air-conditioning and the fashion for quite formal, heavy garments (even in the height of summer).

Naturally, I was compelled to construct a graph comparing yesterday’s temperatures with the more recent Very Hot Day! Unfortunately, even if there were half-hourly temperature measurements taken in 1939, I do not have access to them.


I celebrated the record by lunching with Mr T and the other manageresses from my division in a non air-conditioned venue. It was on the harbour and utterly gorgeous, but woah – melty! We initially intended to laze about for the entire afternoon, but after a couple of hours were forced to escape back to the air-conditioned office.

Back to cool and rains-ish today.

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