exercise 2013: week three

Three lots of exercise again this week. A winner is me!

Tuesday (15/01): Run

Ran 3km. Yay! Thought I’d only done 4 laps of the oval, but later discovered it must have been 5!

3.68km* | 28:18

*Accidentally paused the tracker for about 10m, not the 100 in my note.


Saturday (19/01): Yoga

Several times before class commenced we had to shuffle about to accommodate new arrivals. There were many new faces – we all put it down to fitness resolutions.

One of the new faces was directly behind me – an older woman wearing a very loose, low-cut peasant blouse, heavy with embroidery and beads. It was when we moved to downward dog that I realised she had absolutely nothing on underneath – all enormous pendulous breasts and pale, wobbly flesh for miles. I’m all about the “do what you feel”, but really, if I wanted naked old-lady yoga, I could stay at home and get my barely clothed yoga on in front of a mirror. As it was I completed a good deal of the class with my eyes closed.

Our lovely instructor was much harder on us than last week, which is a great thing, but I am now painfully conscious of every muscle in my body.


Sunday (20/01): Run

Another 3km on the oval. I entertained myself by changing direction each lap (anticlockwise, clockwise, repeat etc). 5 laps, the same distance as Tuesday, which is why I am certain I miscounted – else my fabulous sports-tracker app is failing me.

3.65km | 28:28

It is a hard slog.

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