sobriety 2013: week three

To be honest, while the first weekend was difficult, to my extreme surprise not drinking has been really quite okay.

Of particular challenge though, was lunch with MrT and the other manageresses last Friday. Really I have absolutely nothing in common with these people (they do not discuss music, books, art, films, popular culture &etc) and generally a couple of glasses of wine at such an occasion tends to ease the pain.

But I was a champion and suffered through two hours of relentless: “just have a little glass”, “come on, one won’t hurt” at every new glass of wine, and then “have a cocktail”, “just a little cocktail”, “it’s a hot day, a cocktail would be really nice”. Such boorish behaviour simply strengthened my resolve.

In addition, I’ve been saving mucho cash. Already I have taken the $ I would have spent on wine and bought myself a sexy nexus (which is totes Ace!).

All in all – good stuff!

Yesterday, I decided to modify the project. I’m going to share a bottle of wine with Don on Friday night and then I intend to not drink alcohol for a year.¬†

No, really for realz.

4 thoughts on “sobriety 2013: week three

  1. Best of luck to you! My husband went on the wagon last summer (for no good reason, really) and my drinking has been severely curtailed as a result. But you’re right; it really isn’t difficult at all to leave it behind, though I do plan to have a large-ish glass of wine with tonight’s lamb shanks. It’s only right.

    • Mmmmm … lamb shanks, a largeish glass definitely right and proper! I long for the cold, wintery days & long, slow cooking.

      Don has unintentionally reduced his consumption too, though has no plans to join me in the project. I’m curious to see if i can last, I’m pretty certain there will be some days which will definitely test my resolve!

  2. One of the difficult things I found when I took up sobriety was how NOISY everyone gets especially in restaurants. I discovered that lack of alcohol actually affects your hearing and your ability to tolerate the level of shrieking and screeching that ensues when other people drink. I got used to it though after a couple of years. Good luck with this particular project.

  3. At the moment I’m avoiding any social situation where extreme drinking would be involved!

    Did you originally find everyone tried to foist drinks upon you or otherwise persuade you that you should modify your plan? I find it quite amusing that various people in my life feel the need to justify their drinking to me, as if my decision is some kind of judgement on them!

    Wine last evening was lovely, but very much clarified why I want to do this. Ended up completely fuzzy and thinking was hard.

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