bits (now with moar blackout)

But enough of the unpleasantness, though you can look forward to the slow-tweeting (aka blogging) of my preparation and recovery.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some recently gathered (or should that be curated) miscellany …


Holy!Goodness! That Bessie of ours is creative!

When she was not glued to the InformationSuperHighway, she used her school holiday time to cross-stitch – to the extent of bringing her materials to the pub for Grand Final watching.

inspired by a postcard

What m4d sk1llz she has! This is definitely headed for display.


Because it is difficult for me to leave The Palace (Of Love) for an extended period except for emergencies [such as employment], Don emptied Joan’s mailbox today.

Among the 80 billion catalogues and half-dozen letters, we found …

infusions and chocolate!

Why is our junk mail never this exciting?


I was delighted to spot this while waiting for the train on Friday

heart on stuff: part of an occasional series


The bay tree is, as they say, going off …

Fresh is so superior that we’ve abandoned dried bay leaves entirely.


Remember those times when bananas were ridiculously and prohibitively expensive?

four ripe bananas, seventy-two cents

On the occasions I see them severely reduced in price or in the spooty fruit section (hence the plastic wrap and styrofoam tray), I grab them for freezing to include in muffins and banana bread (though am yet to find the optimal recipe).

from Marie Claire: kitchen – as yet untasted.

All this and I am not fond of bananas (or banana bread / muffins) at all – but this is just the sort of excellent wife / mummy I am.


I’d written some very thoughtful and insightful additions to this post, but stupidly hit the “preview” button and lost everything.

Anyhoo, while composing this post we were struck-down by a blackout, which affected (according to teh twitter) 25,000 homes in the innerwest and last for a good few hours.

We were forced to grab what lighting we could and live like the Amish.

Fortunately, we had giant camping torch and our phones because the tealights, while plentiful, were not exactly optimal.

Fortunately too, that we have a gas cooktop, so could continue cooking the meal I had started – though without an oven, freestyling was required.

I’m sure that now most people’s electricity bills have tripled (allegedly to maintain infrastructure), we’ll be seeing this sort of thing a lot more in the future, though I cannot say enough good things about the @ausgrid twitter account – they were excellent with updates and the problem was fixed relatively quickly.

Must obtain better emergency lighting.

4 thoughts on “bits (now with moar blackout)

  1. Would you like one’s great-grandmother’s banana cake recipe? It’s best when made from marked down or fregan bananas.

    • Oh my! That would be brilliant. The MC one was most underwhelming.

      I am feeling a little guilty that I have not attempted those scones (though I do keep occasionally buying pumpkin, it never seems to make it in there). Perhaps during the recovery phase?

  2. Indeed during the recovery phase! Am sending great, big, healing hugs from over west for said recovery. (am shocked at the intensity of the CIs, having my own gyno issues, but nothing so devastating). Watch for an email. xx

    • Thank you! Is pretty horrendous and will be glad to have it over and done with.

      Noticed you posted the banana cake! Will definitely give it a bash this weekend!

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