project 7: 2013 (learnin’)

You may recall that, earlier in the year, I had embraced my manageressness, and had hoped to persuade MrT (and SML) to support my TAFEly course ambitions.

Well, dear reader, after a good deal of consideration (and angst), I put my training proposal to MrT and he was Dead Keen!

Dead Keen to the extent that SML would quietly pay for the whole thing (roughly $7k)1! Huzzah!

Career-development-wise, 2013 will be all about the occasional travelling to North Sydney and the webinars and the networking and the assignments.

And despite all the sneering in my adult working life, I am really quite jazzed about the prospect.

Diploma, here I come.

1Extremely hush, hush, keep this to yourselves, whisper-quiet, don’t tell a soul, shhhhhhh.

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