Despite his extreme crazy and overall unreasonableness, one very good thing about working for MrT is that he is all about my professional development. And so lately it seems to be all-management-courses-all-the-time (well, within the extremely tight budget constraints).

Everything I’ve done thus far has been thought-provoking and quite useful in a practical sense. Subsequent debriefs with MrT have elicited, “you’ve really changed the way you think” and Don has been all like, “you realise you would have totally rolled your eyes and sneered at this two or three years ago?”.

They’re both right – perhaps I am finally growing up and becoming Serious about work.

So Serious that I am sort-of, maybe considering acquiring a qualification so that I might learn more – the main thing giving me pause is that the qualification I am considering is a rather a little lame and not at all sexy (and dare I say, TAFEly). But then perfect being the enemy of the good and all that, maybe I should just do it for I absolutely do not have the will, energy or inclination to pursue an MBA.

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    • Harriet!!!

      Cost is an excellent point – though I am pretty sure that SML would pick up the tab (they often do for that sort of thing if they like you enough) … now the cost to my sanity from trying to squeeze it in with my endless hours at work would be another thing entirely …

      I have my weekly meeting with MrT today, so will sound him out about TAFEly course because I’m hoping he will fund it!

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