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We don’t have a great deal of outdoor space at The Palace (Of Love) and what we do have, we’d like to make productive.

When we took up residence, we discovered that the previous owners kindly left us their pots and plants. I say kindly, but that is just being kind, really I mean the complete opposite.

It took a couple of months, but I managed to get out to the balcony off the loungeroom and be completely ruthless. Begone! Geranium. Begone most disgustingly vile Agapanthus1. Begone! Mangy canna lillies. To be replaced by mint and thyme (and to make space for parsley and basil). A working balcony!

Unfortunately I did not take before pix, but here the very poorly lit after.

The downside of The Palace (Of Love) is the quite horrendous lighting

I did hang on to the rose though. But if, when it flowers, it turns out to be yellow, it is totally going the way of the others.

1Or, as NotHeather calls them, “Agapanthers“. Possibly my most hated plant. And which took 1.5 hours (and all of my fingernails) to remove from the pot.

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