project 6: 2013 (projects)

By amazing coincidence, while I was considering projects for 2013, a comment on the always excellent ask.metafilter1 alerted me to dabbler and, of course, I signed up immediately, because surely TheUniverse was trying to tell me something.

Really, who could resist “one new hobby. every month” for US$2?

Just what I was looking for! Plus, early adopter? I’m totes there!

The first email arrived on December 15 and was brilliant. It contained extremely thorough descriptions and an amazing collection of resources for Ginger Ale + Cider Making. At the very least, we’ll be attempting the ginger ale.

For US$24 for the year and prompts for things I have never considered? Is an excellent investment!

And of course, I’m planning to try at least one new thing a month.

1absolutely everything I know about kitties I have learned from the cat questions.

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