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You may recall that, quite some time ago, we attempted to grow cucumbers so that we might make pickles, American-style. This was primarily because my pauvre, beloved husband could not locate anything remotely like the pickles he craved. According to Donaldo, everything available here is far, far too sweet to be even remotely edible.

You might also recall that the growing was a spectacular failure. Stupid desert-like, Joaquim-infested, otherwise-spectacular, former balcony.

Fortunately, when throwing vast amounts of cash at Essential Ingredient (which we seem to do on an all too regular basis), we came across these pickles and each time we’ve visited have grabbed another jar.

another visit, yet another jar of pickles (and the new, untested, relish)

I am assured they are completely and utterly perfect, but like many American foodstuffs, I’m not a huge fan1 because I’m really not sure I get the palate.

Despite my reservations, Don has successfully indoctrinated everyone who enters ThePalace(OfLove) into the pickle cult.

Delicious though they may be, verily, these pickles (at $18 a jar) will send us to the poor-haus. Perhaps we should attempt pickle farming now we are otherly located.


1Rail though I might against the palate, Don has ruined me for non-American salad dressings (where 17 cups of sugar are barely enough). I was utterly heart-broken when the Aus manufacturers of Paul Newman’s salad dressing stopped making Parmesan + Garlic. AND the US site does not ship to Australia. I am seriously considering spending $100 to have 4 bottles shipped here (where-upon I would guard it jealously) – it is just that good.

<edited to add> and mayonnaise, I can no longer tolerate australian mayo. Is like they have poured 2 cups of sugar into the jar. Best Foods (or Hellmans (depending on your location) ftw!

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