26 days not to waste: 2

Last evening Joaquim graced us with another visit (and desperately decimated the leaves of the peppers while I was not looking – the parsley having been long gone).

He is becoming so very bold that I can get within less than a metre of him for photographing purposes and neither of us flinch at all.

Horrid, adorable beast. Am sure we’d love to make a pet of him.

But, last night, I had ghastly dreams of him leaping his way through the screen door and devouring us (or scratching us with his pointy claws), whereupon I woke up shrieking – Don was so exhausted after Too!Much!Golf! that he did not turn a hair.


Today my beloved and I slept in until 8am(ish). Truly, a Christmas miracle(!) that there was no golf!

We breakfasted, walked down GPR to deliver donations to St Vinnies (which have been hovering at the door for a good month), buy a tomato and capsicum for our cuban black bean soup, pick up a Big Issue for Joe/Frank1 and grab a coffee from the fab new local cafe.

Then we did some chores and Don visited the driving range (yeah totes quel surprise!).

Then, I read a good deal more of this very inspiring blog – truly people have amazing lives.

Because he is a Very Good Boy, Joe/Frank took the rubbish out and came across a parcel in the stairwell of our (non-secured) foyer addressed to me. Holy!Goodness! Mailman, if you cannae be bothered to walk up the 4 flights of stairs, just leave a card in the sodding mailbox!

Anyway, the fabulous new book is here and after devouring it, I realised I should have had Joe/Frank flag the recipes he did not want to try.

But I am totally down with his suggestions, everything we have cooked from Homesick Texan has been utterly magnificent and is now on regular rotation! You should totally get on board with the red beans and rice: I could eat a plate (more than) twice

Then there was the cookering of the soup:

Eventually, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth and a good deal of bargaining with TheUniverse, I dragged myself out for a run – and probably gained another 200m, but that last 200m was up a giant incline (and hey, every bit extra counts). I was very pleased with myself at the end of it all – though screw you, horrid shin splints!

I’ve recently contemplated seeking the services of a personal trainer again. I was the fittest, slenderest and most gorgeous in my life when personal trainering. Imagine my surprise this morning to receive an email from my beloved Trainer, informing us she was back in town! Truly, this must be some sort of sign!

1That boy is a voracious consumer of magazines – already we have subscriptions to The Monthly and The Week. It had occurred to me that he would probably enjoy the Big Issue. Further magazine-ish recommendations very welcomed!

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