you get an awful lot drunker on a couple of glasses of wine when you stop drinking during the week

Well, that is another hellish work week over.

Far too many things to do in far too little time (this seems to be a recurring theme). Hopefully things will have settled in a month or so and back to just regular crazy.

Here is what has been happening in my world, in (what will probably turn out to be lengthy) snippets:

I had the nagging feeling that yesterday’s date was significant somehow.

I realised in a meeting this morning that yesterday was 15 years since I was married for the second time.

Unlike the first marriage, I really don’t regret the second one at all – we just “grew apart”, as they say. We still get on relatively well, I think.

I have been watching Hart to Hart (shut up!) season 1 for the last couple of nights.

It has raised not a few questions, like:

What exactly did happen to PCP and Angel Dust? Why don’t we hear about them anymore? Do people still do them?

It also made me realise that a certain wacky russian woman at work has based her personal style on Jennifer Hart circa 1979. Although I doubt Jennifer Hart has a black t-shirt with a leopard skin shoulder bag built into it.

My beloved Harriet (whom regular readers will be familiar with) is, I believe, still awaiting the birth of the surprise third baby.

Isn’t The National’s Alligator a fabulous album?

I am super jealous of the following people:

My lesbian lover: She is off to Chicago for two years with her husband who has scored a fabulous secondment. I am utterly consumed with envy and of course, absolutely thrilled for her. And hey, now we have an excuse to visit.


My personal trainer (of two years): who is heading back to the UK for two years because her husband has scored a fabulous job.

The latter could be the universe telling me that I can do this on my own and save the exhorbitant1 amount I pay her a week.

But I will miss that weekly non-work-person interaction – apart from the children and Don, work people are the only ones I interact with – god, that is quite appalling, isn’t it?

My performance review commenced with Dishy boss saying, “Let me just start by saying I am THRILLED that you decided to join the Department, I think you’re fantastic”.

Sadly, I suspect that has no bearing on my salary.

Yesterday, my poor eldest baby was screamed and ranted at by some loser lawyer (not from her firm). Loser Lawyer ranted at the solictor involved too. Made both dfkan and solicitor rather distraught, and Loser Lawyer was the one in the wrong. Dfkan’s firm was absolutely fantastic: they made sure she was okay, sent her home, gave her flowers (and the Partners kicked some arse). There are truly more important things in an employer than how much they pay you.

Received a post-inpsection letter from the Real Estate Agents, for a moment my heart dropped when I thought, “oh no, the owners want to sell and we have no deposit (for of course we would buy this place in a second)”. But they were thanking us for letting them inspect and telling us that the house was immaculate and they and the owner were very pleased with us as tenants. Yay Us!

Unfortunately, I had to return my beloved . I know I’m attached to gadgets, but this transcended the gadget love. The screen was so very crisp and compelling. I want a monitor just like that, I care not if it is monochrome.

I will totally buy one when the cost is less prohibitive.

I am sure that there was something else I was going to write, but those two glasses of wine have wiped me out.

1Who knew this was the archaic spelling? I have always spelled it with the “h”

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