26 days not to waste: 1

Don (who has been on leave all week) woke at 5am(!) for yet another early golf game (4 and counting). I rolled over to his spot (as is my wont) and slept in until 8.30! Yay! for holidays!

I am not sure what prompted it, but I spent the morning reading blogs of mothers with profoundly disabled children.

This surprised me because I am not one to read about disability. I would say that despite having a (very much adored) child with a disability, I (subconsciously) very actively avoid any mention of or engagement with it.

I said to Don that I think this is because Joe/Frank is so high-functioning that it is easy to
fool myself into thinking that he is just like everyone else (and he very much actively strives to be so). Though we of course we interact with professional services when necessary, we mostly keep such things to ourselves. But honestly, on reflection, this does a disservice to all of us.

A good deal to think about.


After a surly reminder phone call yesterday, I finally collected the folder I’d left on the bus all that time ago.

We then grocery-shopped and headed home to escape the insanity of the crowds which abound at this time of year.

I enjoyed tea

and crafted some bean-bags to toss about with J/F – as recommended by his new OT

After sewing up, we very badly and uncoordinatedly (as is our way) tossed them about. Much hilarity ensued.


Then we enjoyed the wonderful evening. I love the long days at this time of year, and am utterly intrigued by the arctic bloggers who are experiencing days of 2 hours of sun! Is completely unfathomable to me!

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