what is the universe trying to tell you?

On arriving at the bus stop yesterday afternoon after foraging through my giant, hideously expensive namesake bag, I discovered that I was in possession of J/F’s student travel10 and I had inadvertently given him mine.


Cue the rush to buy new ticket (one cannot pay the ferryman bus driver for a ticket between 7am and 7pm weekdays).

Then the interminable trip home.

Jumped off one stop early visit my favourite purveyor of wine.

Wine acquired and I headed off home.

Halfway realised I was strangely unencumbered – spoot! Compendium full of work missing.


Back to winez shop – no go.

Cannot quite believe I left something on a bus.

Walked rather quickly to the end of the route (we’re the first stop) – bus had left. Was probably the one which passed while I was in shop, saying “NOT IN SERVICE” which was headed back to the depot.


Attempted to call bus depot, planning to race around there and collect from lost property (is roughly 15-20 min walk away). Office hours 8am-4pm weekdays, otherwise uncontactable.


Whinged on twitter and was panglossed by marvellous imaginary internet friends.

And enveloped by my adorable offspring, a rather good game of footy (sadly must now support the weagles), quite good wine and excellent choons until very, very late.

Team Plan and documenting reporting requirements be damned!

<much later>oh weagles, damn you!

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