life lately: sml edition

I’m so very ready for to be done with this work year and move into the glorious 19 day Xmas break!

What a very difficult and, if I’m honest, incredibly boring, hard slog of a year has been.

current work mood

There have been several major unfavourable outcomes for SML recently. These mean the future is less than bright, but I imagine we will limp along in dysfunction for a while yet.

I can’t imagine anything will magically change because the calendar flips to 2022, but the time away will be appreciated.

Vincenzo, former protege, has scored a dream job and is off to South East Asia in the New Year!

We’ve worked together for 10 years – since he was a wee baby grad – and I honestly could not be more thrilled for him. It’s wildly exciting!

And I’m delighted to have played a part in his success – especially our recent accountability partnership to update our CVs and apply for gigs **.

I will miss him terribly, but maybe this is just what I need to give me the kick.

There are structural shake-ups ahead, and I may end up with more areas reporting in to me. I’ve made it clear there needs to be additional remuneration attached for me to consider anything like that.

Can I make it through another 12 months? Do I even want to?

As is my way, last Friday I took an annual leave day rather than attend the SML Xmas party and sit around being bored senseless watching people drinking too much and getting messy.

Instead, Don and I drove to the Blue Mountains in teeming rain for a relaxed (belated) birthday lunch. The food was lovely, service wonderful and neighbouring conversations of excellent calibre for eavesdropping.

it eventually stopped pouring and the thick plastic curtains stopped us freezing to death

We thought it had been well over a year since we last visited – but it was February! Time has really kind of lost all meaning in these times.

It was very, very nice to get out of the 10km radius. We have resolved to do more getting out and about over the break.

And this morning we all received an email saying that one of our colleagues has tested positive for COVID. Now every one who was at the Xmas party must get tested immediately and isolate for 7 days.

I think we’re now at the point in the year where you ask yourself if the event you’re attending is worth the risk of having to quarantine afterwards – possibly over Xmas!

** though the applying for gigs was more about him than me

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