666: the number of the bins

The week that was seemed to last about 7 months, okay, maybe 10 months.

We got out this morning for a long walk to buy our preferred brand of ground coffee at one of the independent supermarkets. I’ll spare you the rant about major supermarkets and their increasing lack of brand diversity.

After a week of mist and rain, it was quite wonderful to be out and about in the sunny, crisp and lovely winter day.

I definitely need more long walks in my life – infinitely better than spending all my time glued to a screen.

In non-doom scrolling news:

♥ I commenced the adorbs kitty cross stitch this week. Cross stitching is not at all in alignment with how I see myself, but the heart wants what it wants. I have no idea why I’m finding it so comforting, but I’ll keeping rolling with it until it isn’t.

♥ My DFH course has kicked off and I’m excited to get stuck in. And admittedly somewhat daunted. The participants are mostly creatives (not in that advertising industry way) and let’s just say we don’t necessarily have a common vocabulary or manner of expressing ourselves. They’re often able to very eloquently articulate their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Me, not quite so much. I know I will gain much from the experience though and imposter syndrome can piss right off.

♥ I’ve just finished Who is Maud Dixon? on audiobook. It will make a real cracker of a film.

Really interesting long read in the Atlantic about the ephemeral nature of *stuff* the internet. If nothing else a practical reminder to print out those favourite recipes, for they may vanish forever.

♥ Sad to see the excellent smallquietpretty closed up her blog. I will be forever indebted to her for the intro to one of my favourite books ever. The blogosphere is definitely becoming ever quieter. Thank you to everyone who continues to share bits of their world with us.

5 thoughts on “184/2021

  1. Love the bins! Thanks for the kind words. I was experiencing a strange mix of boredom/weight of expectation with my blog. I’d planned to leave it up for a while but suddenly gained a number of odd followers after my last post who felt like vultures about to mine the bejeezuz out of my content so I shut it down. Might turn it into some sort of memoir one day.
    Anyway, thanks again and hope to keep in touch via yours!

    • Oh gosh, I know exactly that feeling! Good on you for taking decisive action.

      I hit 17 years of blogging in April (astonishing! I actually had no idea it was that long until I looked it up just then – thought maybe 10) and lately I feel that my heart isn’t entirely in it.

      I’m really envious with the balance you’re finding. Good luck with the creative projects! I hope you get to enjoy #vanlife when you’re ready and eventually find that lovely country town!

      Would love to catch up if we’re ever allowed to leave the state again!

      • 17 years is an amazing achievement!
        I’m still stalking country towns/planning house designs. It’ll happen eventually!

  2. Oh dear—I also enjoyed that blog, which I discovered via your link, and am sorry to see it go. (I know I’m not one of the odd followers because I only ever visit sites.)

    A random number of the beast anecdote for you, to go with the bins: Once when my mother was traveling by public transportation, an odd old lady approached her and asked if she was a school teacher. When my mother admitted that she had been one, the lady said, “I can always tell! You have the mark of the beast on you!” and shuffled off.

    • That anecdote is everything! Utterly and completely brilliant.

      I definitely need to seek new blogs (if such things exist) – I reckon of the 100ish blogs in my feed reader, maybe only 10 or so update with any sort of regularity. The large majority haven’t updated for many years, but I keep them there just in case the writer has a change of heart.

      I often wonder what people moved on to.

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