sunday exercise outing

This morning lockdown was extended to 16 July.

This is likely to go on for some time because instead of imposing restrictions, the state government has decided to rely on asking people to “do the right thing” while being incredibly unclear what the “right thing” is. There’s a good deal of “use your judgement” and “self-assess” messaging. The majority of retail stores remain open and I could, for example, go to IKEA or the Chanel store right this minute if I cared to.

But here we are.

All that advantage squandered due to so very much hubris and incompetence.

♥ breathe ♥

I’m on leave for the next three days and the challenge is to stay away from the internet and engage in some life affirming activities. The late afternoon of Day One and I have not been super-successful in this endeavour.

On the positive side of the ledger, I did an early morning yoga session. I’ve been getting back into regular practice via Yoga with Adriene. It’s a delight. Really – you should give it a go! And reminds me that yoga doesn’t have to be joyless, serious and culty. Though I’m very thankful for the cult-yoga obsession with good form which appears to have stuck around.

I’ve also been through a ton of audiobook samples auditioning for my next listen. How aggravating that you may only stockpile a maximum of 6 audible credits! I’m looking for something a bit uplifting(ish) because I’m pretty exhausted by the whole graphic and horrifically gruesome violence against women and/or small children genre. I now have a long list.

Tomorrow afternoon I will sit in the sunshine and read my library book (wikipedia link – probably contains spoilers).

And I will make a beef stew with parsley and sun-dried tomato dumplings, and maybe cross stitch a bit.

But mostly I will try to stay away from the news.

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