And just like that, we’re in lockdown!

It’s a bit of a baffling kind of lockdown. It only covers those who live or work in four adjacent Local Government Areas and not the whole city. This means that even though we don’t live in one of the LGAs, Don and I are under a stay home order because we work in the City of Sydney. Joe/Frank has freedom of movement because even though we live in the same house, he doesn’t work in the City of Sydney LGA. This living arrangement is definitely not a situation unique to us!

There are many other perplexing guidelines. It’s all quite confusing. What could possibly go wrong?

Allegedly this applies until 2 July, but the general suspicion is it will last longer. See above unknowable rules.

We’ve returned to remote working – which is a bit less ideal now that Project Sulfur is done. Otherwise it’s a bit confronting when being ordered to stay at home has very little impact at all on my usual activities.

Must address that in the event we do get to leave!

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