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Amazingly I resisted the siren song of this excellent mug in the magical Diaso.

I’ve been wearing a pair of small diamond studs in my ears daily for maybe 10 years. They were a long-ago gift from the before-Don-times – but they are simple and elegant and oh-so-sparkly and make me look a bit polished. Because they are pretty lightweight and small I wear them all the time and only remove them for cleaning.

A week or so ago I woke with a sort of ache in the earlobes. It was pretty unpleasant. There was no redness or inflammation or anything other than throbbing. So I took the earrings out and left them out.

Such a relief! Both physically and maybe a bit psychically. I feel really light and free – which was slightly unexpected.

Many days later and I’m still marvelling at how light and free I feel, and and have resolved to never again wear earrings.

I’ve finally abandoned the ridiculously impossible quest to arrive at the perfect daily routine. I mean is there such a thing? And isn’t doing the same thing every day really kind of … boring? Also what exactly did I think would happen when I landed on this imagined perfection?

What I am now attempting is selecting a thing I want to do – yoga for example – and rather than trying to find this curated place for a one hour yoga practice in the schedule, I’m slotting in a quick session whenever I have 10-15 minutes. And this is how I’ve managed more yoga this week than in the past two years.

I’ve no idea if this “half-arsed is better than no-arsed” approach is sustainable, but in theory it should be.

No lockdown (yet), but more cases and restrictions are plentiful, we cannot travel outside of Sydney, other states have locked their borders to us and we’re working from home until 2 July.

I had my very first wheel pottery class booked on Saturday morning, which I’ve optimistically bumped to mid-July.

This does not bode too well for our mini-break to the south coast booked for early July, not for Don’s planned golfing trip to Queensland late July.

Whatever happens I am definitely taking those days off to do something – even if it is just sitting about reading.

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