I shoved some mangy old bits of dried up ginger into a small pot on the upper balcony a while back. The downside of very sporadic blogging is that I have a sizeable gap in the permanent record, so timing is vague.

The leaves started dying off in the past few weeks and the Information Superhighway told me this likely meant the ginger was ready to be harvested and not that I was a Complete Garden Failure.

So I let them die off a little more – because well, back to office slavery means much less time to enjoy life admin – and then dug them out over the weekend. This was a bit of an undertaking – the pot was shallow and the roots had grown around and through the internal drainage tray.

I have no idea if this is how ginger is supposed to look when ripped from the soil, but seems authentic?

Success! A quite decent amount of ginger!

I’d best round up some recipes to make use of it – at the very least grab some lemongrass and make very soothing tea. But let’s be honest, what is quite likely to happen is that they will become dried and mangy and I’ll replant.

I will definitely repeat the exercise, but with a deeper pot to allow those roots more space.

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