172/2021: winter solstice

Really quite ridiculous things spotted on the Information Superhighway: The hot new amenity at Google and other tech companies? Tents


It seems to be very much the tradition that I’m rather tired of myself at this time of year and need a shake up.

I’m using the solstice to kick myself back into some good habits – boring things like taking my lunch to work, meditating, yoga, cardio, less internet, more reading. Turn less inward, try some new things. Maybe look at that 60before60 list.

The fabulous DFH course I adored last year is running in a different, deeper iteration and kicks off at the end of the month. Super-excited to get stuck into it.

Our streak of 40 days with no covid cases in NSW came to an end late last week. We’re not in lockdown and are unlikely to be so – got to keep those wheels of commerce grinding and all that.

Everyone is mostly glued to the updates on exposure sites. Many (so many!) are places I’ve been – but fortunately not at the relevant times.

With everything pretty much back to normal there are lots of people out and about everywhere, so cases will likely grow.

To be honest, I could do with a week remote working – being back in the office is A LOT.

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